Telecoms Cables and Mast Services

For over 20 years Bell Ingram has been assisting telecom operators in securing wayleaves for telecom cables and in leasing sites for telecom masts. Since the wrapping fibre optic cables (FOC) on the earth wires of overhead power lines, Bell Ingram have been securing Telecoms Wayleaves from landowners and occupiers on behalf of electricity and telecom clients including National Grid and Scottish Power and other operators throughout the north of England and Scotland. Bell Ingram has also acted BT, undertaking equipment surveys and assisting with wayleave negotiations.

Cellular network mast

Due to the Company’s extensive and historical knowledge of FOC wayleave and easement payments and the Telecom Acts, Bell Ingram has been appointed to provide expert advice and act as Expert Witnesses in a number of disputes and court cases. For telecoms masts, we have negotiated terms for Leases and rent reviews for a number of operators and landowners and have prepared cases for arbitration.

Services we provide to Telecom Cable operators include:-

  • Referencing landowner, occupier and property details
  • Obtaining route approvals and access for Surveys
  • Securing Landowner and Occupier Wayleaves/Servitudes
  • Preparation for and attendance at Court for applications for Court Orders
  • Securing Access Rights and Land Acquisition for ancillary equipment
  • Agreeing Access for Refurbishment and Maintenance works
  • Undertaking Pre-Construction Records of Condition
  • Landowner Liaison during Construction works
  • Assessment and Negotiation of Compensation and Damage Claims
  • Secure new wayleaves for changes of ownership

Cellular network masts

Services we provide to Telecom Mast Site operators include:-

  • Make initial approach to landowners and establish ownership details for new sites
  • Negotiate terms for a long term lease including access rights as required
  • Acquisition of node sites and sites for ancillary equipment
  • Agreeing open market rent reviews for existing sites
  • Negotiating site sharing, site upgrades and variation of rights, including dish links

For examples of clients/projects see Utilities and Renewables.