Cross Country Pipeline

Pipe Laying in progressFor over 40 years Bell Ingram has been providing specialist Land Agency Services throughout the UK to promoters of Cross County Pipelines. Our services embrace the entire range of property related activities required on a cross-country pipeline project.

Originally providing Land Agency Services to British Gas on pipelines running from the North Sea to the Scottish Borders, leading to the provision of similar services to clients including Shell and BP on major gas pipeline projects throughout Scotland and the north of England and Wales.

Installing water pipesWe provide services to cover all phases of a cross-country pipeline project and have a thorough understanding of the Planning, Pipeline and Gas Acts under which schemes are built. Many of our professional staff have over 30 years’ experience on pipeline projects and Bell Ingram has provided Land Agency services on over 2000km of pipelines throughout the UK.

Bell Ingram provides independent advice, with no conflict of interest. Our team approach enables us to respond to client’s needs quickly and flexibly, providing experienced staff to undertake or assist with the following activities on a cross country project:-
Narrow boat on canal

  • Initial Routing studies
  • Referencing landowner, occupier and property details
  • Securing Landowner and Occupier Consents and Wayleaves
  • Preparation of easement, wayleave and deed plans through our Mapping & GIS Services
  • Preparation for Compulsory Rights and Expert Witnesses at Public Inquiry
  • Securing Access Rights and Land Acquisition for Permanent and Temporary Sites
  • Pre-Construction Records of Condition and Drainage Surveys
  • Landowner Liaison during Construction and Drainage Consultancy
  • Assessment and Negotiation of Compensation and Damage Claims
  • Access Negotiation and Damage Claims for Maintenance and Operational Works
  • Development Monitoring during the operational life of a Pipeline
  • Accountancy Services to make payments to Landowners during all phases of a project

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