Electricity Lines and Cable

Power line maintenance workBell Ingram has been providing wayleaving services to the electricity industry throughout the UK for over 25 years. Initial contracts with National Grid to provide Wayleave Officers on secondment in 1995 led to the provision of in-house wayleaving services to National Grid and the Regional Electricity Companies covering the Midlands, North of England and Scotland.

With extensive experience working for clients under the Electricity Acts, Bell Ingram is able to provide a full range of wayleaving services for both New Overhead and Underground Electricity line projects and on the Refurbishment and Maintenance of existing overhead lines, including tree clearance work.

The Company also acts on behalf of windfarm developers and landowners in negotiating the rights for overhead and underground electricity lines for Windfarm Grid Connections.

Overhead electricity pylonKnowledge of the infrastructure to be installed and the methods of construction, along with an understanding of the Electricity Acts, enable Bell Ingram to operate independently, with minimal input and supervision from the client. Services provided to Electricity Companies include:-

  • Referencing landowner, occupier and property details for new lines
  • Obtaining route approvals and access for Surveys
  • Assistance with Form B and Section 37 consent applications
  • Securing Landowner and Occupier Wayleaves/Servitudes
  • Preparation of easement, wayleave and deed plans through our Mapping & GIS Services
  • Preparation for and attendance at Necessary Wayleave Hearings or Public Inquiry
  • Negotiating Land Acquisitions and Access Rights for sub-stations or ancillary equipment
  • Agreeing Access for Refurbishment, Maintenance and Dismantlement on existing lines
  • Agreeing Access for Tree Cutting
  • Undertaking Pre-Construction Records of Condition
  • Landowner Liaison during Construction works
  • Assessment and Negotiation of Compensation and Damage Claims
  • Securing new wayleaves for changes of ownership

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