Bell Ingram’s microgeneration experts advise and support land owners, land managers, property developers, businesses, architects, banks and other funders on all aspects of small-scale renewable energy.

With the number of suppliers of renewable energy systems growing quickly, the long-term perspective of our experienced consultants is invaluable to the success of your project.

Our service offers:

  • Independent and unbiased advice on all small-scale renewable energy projects ensuring optimum payback on hydro, wind, heat pump, biomass heating,  solar thermal and photovoltaic (PV), biogas, biodiesel, community heating and combined heat & power (CHP).
  • Specialist advice on all aspects of building-scale sustainable energy systems, including heating, powering, lighting, ventilation, insulation, heat recovery, passive solar, glazing and sustainable materials.
  • Advice and support for applications for financial support, such as loans, Feed-in Tariffs (FiTs) and the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), and project management of all renewable energy systems. We also act as monitors for project funders to ensure installations are true to the proposals.

Wind turbine

The urge to cut energy costs and the availability of financial incentives have led to growing interest in building-integrated and small-scale renewable energy systems, also known as microgeneration.

Energy experts predict that world oil demand will inexorably grow relative to supply, resulting in a continuing increases in energy costs in the long term. At the same time, governments are responding to progressive emissions targets with incentives to encourage the use of alternatives to fossil fuels.

Rising building standards, new climate change legislation and the roll out of Energy Performance Certificates (EPC’s) for buildings all affect property values, therefore buyers and tenants are increasingly attracted to buildings with low energy costs.

These factors mean that pay-back times on energy-efficiency measures and renewable energy systems, such as wood boilers, heat pumps and solar panels, can be attractive. Demand is keeping costs fairly high but government grants and feed-in electricity tariffs for hydro, wind and solar PV, and Renewable Heat Incentives for biomass and heat pumps, can make some such schemes highly attractive.

Government-funded bodies such as the Carbon Trust and the Energy Saving Trust provide generic advice on microgeneration and suppliers are keen to offer ‘free consultancy’. This can be helpful but in order to find and follow through the best solution for you with the minimum of hassle you need detailed, independent, site-specific advice.

Bell Ingram creates bespoke renewable strategies for clients of all sizes.

We can help you introduce:

  • High efficiency gas and oil boilers and improved control systems
  • Biomass (wood chips, pellets, logs, grain, straw)
  • Heat pumps (ground-, air- or water-source)
  • Solar (thermal or photovoltaic (PV))
  • Micro hydro
  • Small-medium-scale wind
  • Insulation and draft-proofing
  • Heat recovery ventilation and low energy lighting

The suitability of these systems is very site-sensitive so we look at each location carefully to determine the best strategy, then help you implement it so you can start to reap the benefits green energy offers.

There is a conflict of interest which leads to suppliers tending, without the involvement of independent consultants, to cut corners on installations to save time and costs. For a system to last, to be user-friendly and reliable and to achieve its full potential the long-term perspective of our consultants is indispensable.

Bell Ingram are members of AREG (Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group) who promote over 160 members in a wide range of renewable energy sectors around the globe.