Woodland Management

Bell Ingram manages a wide range of woodland properties, from extensive commercial conifer plantations to mixed estate woodlands, providing a comprehensive and individual service designed to achieve the full potential of any woodland and meet your specific needs.

ForestryOur professional foresters are experienced in all practical aspects of woodland management, including forest mapping and management planning, timber harvesting, woodland creation and public access.

Bell Ingram’s cost-effective planning and management of woodland operations combined with our knowledge of current timber markets, efficient administration of grants and the benefit of sound investment advice gives you the best possible return from your commercial woodland.

We base our management of timber crops on the firm belief that quality timber is important to both the buyers and the individual owners. We also understand owners’ wishes to see the development of their woodlands not only as financial assets but also as sporting, amenity and multiple-use properties  capable of providing enjoyment for the whole family.  Understanding the objectives and “stepping into the owner’s shoes” is critical to all stages of the management process.

We also work with clients who wish to undertake woodland creation projects and are able to offer a “one stop shop” encompassing the whole process from the initial design and grant approval stage, through to implementation, maintenance and final establishment. For larger schemes, we can also accommodate any Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) requirements.

Over the past few years Bell Ingram has successfully secured grant aid for a number of Locational Premium Schemes, demonstrating our ability to maximise benefits from the additional incentives on offer and to find imaginative alternative land-uses for marginal agricultural land.

Environmentally Sustainable Forestry Management

Red SquirrelWe are committed to the protection of the environment and ensure all woodlands are managed in a sustainable manner that maximises the benefit to wildlife, particularly priority species such as red squirrel and black grouse. Sound environmental practice is equally valuable for the woodland owner and so our management is independently verified through Bell Ingram’s UKWAS (UK Woodland Assurance Standard) compliant Group Certification Scheme, providing you with affordable access to what is now an essential requirement for successful timber marketing.

In addition to more conventional commercial forestry activities, we can also provide a range of other services such as:

  • Transforming even-aged crops to continuous cover forests (CCF)
  • Cost-effective native woodland restoration
  • Urban woodland management, including the development of community partnerships and the planning and implementation of public access projects

Woodland Insurance

Similarly, Bell Ingram has set up a Group Insurance Scheme via Insurance brokers selected to competitive tender to ensure that clients can enjoy the best value woodland insurance cover on the market.

Forestry Consultancy in the UK

In addition to long-term management, Bell Ingram is also pleased to carry out one-off consultancy work. This work can include advice on all aspects of woodland management, feasibility studies and auditing – in addition to other specialist woodland and tree related services.

Woodland Valuation & Sales

Our forestry team maintain close contact with Agents in woodland sales markets and are therefore ideally placed to deal with all aspects of woodland acquisition and disposal; regularly providing investment advice, appraisals and audits, producing woodland valuation reports and bringing properties to the market.

All available properties are listed in Woodlands for Sale

Project Management

Forestry ContractorOur experience as woodland managers has many cross-over applications and we provide one off project management services to numerous commercial clients in areas such as the re-instatement of woodlands, land clearance for road or civil construction projects, environmental monitoring, the creation of urban woodlands, shelterbelts plus woodland valuations and compensation claims.


In addition to surveys and tree reports, our arboricultural services include advice to architects and developers regarding tree management, protection and planting (working in accordance with British Standard 5837 Trees in Relation to Construction) and project management of trees to assist with planning permission applications at the implementation stage.

Mapping, GIS & Surveys

Bell Ingram provides a comprehensive digital mapping service which includes site surveys, aerial photo interpretation, mapping for forest and estate management, deed plans, first registration and plans for property sales. GIS (Geographic Information Systems) can be customised and maintained for advanced management tasks.

Our clients list includes:

  • Numerous private woodland owners, farms and rural estates throughout Scotland and Northern England
  • Stellar Asset Management
  • BP (Innovene) and Shell Property Co. Ltd
  • Forestry Commission Scotland
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Utility companies such as Scottish Water, SSE, SGN, Scottish Power, National Grid
  • Scottish Natural Heritage
  • Developers such as Tulloch Homes Limited and numerous architects
  • The Woodland Trust
  • UK Coal Mining Ltd
  • Numerous Investment Advisors and Managers

For further information please contact us (right) and we will be pleased to assist you with your queries.