The Tesla has become a real talking point when I'm out meeting clients

How does a petrolhead feel about electric cars? Bell Ingram’s Head of Estate Agency Carl Warden has been driving a Tesla Model 3 for almost a year and shares what it's really like to own one of these pioneering EVs …

I’ve always been a petrolhead, so it came as much of a surprise to myself as it was to my colleagues that I was the first to drive a fully electric vehicle.

Tesla have made significant advances in technology and battery life (estimated range is 360 miles in theory, but more like 300 in practice on the Model 3) so I felt the time was right to take the plunge.

Once I made my decision, Bell Ingram installed two electric charging points at our Perth HQ, and I installed a charger at home. I also make good use of local authority charging points which, in my area, are currently free after payment of an annual £20 subscription to activate the service. This allows for fast charging and the car can be topped up quickly within 30-40 minutes while I catch-up on paperwork.

Many new EV drivers suffer from what is called ‘range anxiety’ and if you are a ‘glass half empty’ character, you may find this difficult to deal with initially. I found myself watching the battery charge and the estimated range almost more than watching the speedometer! However, once you understand the vehicle and how it operates and performs on everyday driving, then you soon readjust and get into the way of things.

The complete silence from the initial start is a strange experience but once you gather speed and there is both wind and road noise, things settle down to a more normal environment.

My Tesla 3 is a long-range, four-wheel drive model and having driven 4,000 miles in the vehicle since January, I am not only amazed with the overall experience, but also my own attitude to the vehicle.

I had not anticipated the conversations that are generated by the Tesla - most of my clients are keen to talk about the car as it may be the first time they have got up close and personal with the technology.

With technology, battery life and mileage range improving all the time, it won’t be long before EVs cease to be a novelty and become the norm on UK roads.

Carl Warden

Estate Agency
Tel: 07803 509927 (mob) 01738 621 121

Article posted on 01/11/2021

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