Supporting the energy industry to protect customers during Coronavirus

From the way we work, to how we shop and even the way we socialise, it seems that no aspect of our daily lives has remained unchanged by Cornonavirus.

With literally tens of millions of us currently at home all day on #lockdown, the demand on the electricity network has altered significantly, bringing unprecedented challenges in network resilience.

Combined with a new demand for priority connections from work such as government projects and temporary hospitals targeted at the fight against virus – it would be fair to say that Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) have their work cut out in these challenging times.

And for those organisations charged with the care of critical national infrastructure, business must continue (albeit with key changes to ensure safe working practices), and the support from the contract staff Bell Ingram provide is proving itself to be more important than ever … with all hands on deck.

While a lot of the strategic planned work in the electricity sector has been put on hold, the emphasis has switched towards different work streams with safety and network resilience being at the forefront.

All of this requires Wayleave support services and it is work that we can easily adapt to in the short term while working in the background on postponed strategic projects for the future. Ofgem have assisted in this by issuing an open letter to the public categorising works.

Those of us in the North of England working for the local DNOs are well supported and have been issued with key worker letters, notices for our car windscreens and very clear guidance on what is classed as essential work under the key worker role.

This enables us to keep working delivery the service our clients have come to expect. We are proud to play our part even if it is a very small one.

Jason Oakley

Senior Associate
Tel: 07927 620037 (mob) 01670 862 235

Article posted on 15/04/2020

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