Can planning planning permission add value to house and plot prices? 

Pictured: Catherine Newton

Does planning permission add value? The answer is yes … and no!

While no house price has ever suffered due to the addition of planning permission, it’s a much more difficult task to put an exact figure on any expected increase.

Where your property is located has a huge bearing, with homeowners in prime locations like Edinburgh or London likely to see as much as a 10% rise in their house price, while homes in other parts of the UK might see nothing more than an extra couple of hundred in value.

Another factor to consider is the type and extent of work covered by the permission. Swimming pools are always a no-no, but permission to add another bedroom, an en-suite bathroom or a conservatory can be a big attraction to potential buyers.

Planning permission can also substantially increase the value of plots of land. For example, if you get planning permission to turn brownfield or agricultural land into a residential plot, then you could see its worth skyrocket.

Catherine Newton, Bell Ingram’s Planning Consultant, explains:

“Planning permission in principle can establish the acceptability of proposals for small house plots. This can provide reassurance to a prospective purchaser, leading to a quicker sale, as well as adding value.

“Bell Ingram Design can help you to identify opportunities for small scale infill development, rounding off, redevelopment of previously used sites and change of use of existing buildings.

“We have recently secured planning permission in principle for both urban and rural sites without the need for detailed proposals which include costs for design or survey work.

“We secured planning permission for this redundant brownfield site in Culter (pictured below) which increased the sales value well beyond the client’s expectations.”

Always remember, however, that time is of the essence when it comes to obtaining planning permission because it only lasts for three years.

Iain Cram, Head of Bell Ingram Design (BID), adds: “As well as helping homeowners achieve planning permission, at Bell Ingram Design our architects can create designs to showcase your property’s full potential to prospective buyers. These designs not only help owners find a buyer but can often help exceed the asking price.”

Please get in touch with Iain Cram at if you would like advice on any aspect of design, planning or if you have land on which you would like to investigate development potential.

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Article posted on 03/04/2020

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