Scottish farmers must prioritise Single Application Form submission

While Welsh farmers have been granted an extra month to submit their 2020 Single Application Form due to the Covid-19 outbreak, there’s been no indication as yet that SGRPID are planning to extend the deadline in Scotland.

With the 15th May submission date looming large in the calendar our farmers - already working full tilt with lambing, calving and spring cropping - need to start gathering all the necessary nuggets of information ready to be dropped into the application.

The Single Application Form (SAF) is one of the most important pieces of work to be undertaken each year and requires a real attention to detail. It is a wide ranging piece of work encompassing a number of different schemes at the same time - Basic Payment Scheme, Less Favoured Area Scheme and Agi-Environment Climate Scheme.

However, there is some welcome news! If you cast your mind back before Covid-19 dominated the landscape, you might just remember that is rained and rained during the late summer/winter of 2019 and much of the spring of 2020. The net effect being that large areas of winter cropping simply did not take place, but the Scottish Government did listen to the farmers’ plight and have dropped the two/three crop rules this year.

You might also just remember Brexit – the impact being that even if you select to be paid in Euros you will be paid in Sterling!

So while you might be busy with everything else that is happening, spend a little time planning ahead – it will be time well spent!

Mark Mitchell

Managing Partner
Rural Land Management
Tel: 01738 646 584

Article posted on 14/04/2020

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