Buying Carbon: Benefits to Business

We all know the daily operations of our businesses can come at an environmental price: whether it’s the consumption of raw materials, our energy use or the emissions in our supply chains, it’s our duty to recognise and reduce our environmental impact.

Then there’s our unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions. Some UK businesses are now required to report these emissions by law, but the government believes all companies should have the opportunity to compensate for their emissions in the best possible way: by making positive changes to the UK landscape by creating new woodlands.

Your investment in UK woodland creation now will have positive impacts for generations to come. And your business will benefit too: showing your customers, clients and suppliers exactly what you mean when your business talks about reducing its environmental impact. Involvement in Woodland Carbon Code projects can demonstrate leadership in your sector.

Landowners who plant trees make a commitment to sell a certain amount of carbon into the market. Buyers agree a price for the carbon. Some buyers also decide to invest directly in an afforestation project. They then both own the carbon and invest in a forest project. Obviously, this gets more complicated and careful advice needs to be taken.

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