AMC: Straighforward finance for farmers

Bell Ingram’s AMC team.

The Agricultural Mortgage Corporation (AMC) is the preferred lender for loans to farmers, landowners and rural businesses.

AMC has been providing medium to long term finance solutions since 1928.

And Bell Ingram, one of the UK’s largest firms of independent land agents, is an AMC Agent, with Sarah Tyson leading a team which can cover most of Scotland, from Orkney to the Borders.

With their extensive knowledge of farming and countryside businesses, Sarah and her colleagues are specialist rural Chartered Surveyors who will discuss your proposal in depth and then work with you to help progress from application through valuation to getting the loan funds in your account.

Explained Sarah Tyson: “Loans can be used for many purposes: while land purchase on the open market is an obvious one, many land transactions are negotiated privately between neighbours or family members. An AMC loan can be the catalyst which helps a farm business and its members get a sound footing for the future.”

Loans are available for up to 30 years and the loan itself can be transferred (subject to terms and conditions) to the next generation. Sarah continued: “Farms and rural businesses are becoming more aware of the need to look at all their outgoings and refinancing existing loans and other finance or hire purchase is an obvious one. AMC offers competitive rates with a ‘lend and leave’ policy allowing borrowers to concentrate on their business. There are no compulsory annual reviews or annual charges with standard AMC loans.

“Many customers are taking advantage of a fixed interest rate to avoid the risk of increased interest rates and give more certainty to cashflow. This helps particularly for capital expenditure such as building improvements or farm diversification projects – AMC clients have covered everything from solar panels to holiday cottages to wedding venues!”

At Bell Ingram our AMC agents take on board the straightforward approach to finance for rural businesses working with applicants to secure funding which fits the many aspects of modern rural life.

➤ So whatever Brexit may bring, if you would like to investigate AMC finance call Sarah Tyson for confidential advice on 07710 308614 or email n

Published on 19th August 2019