Why Our Estates Have Never Been More in the Spotlight

High profile initiatives like the Wildlife Estates Scotland (WES) Awards have never been more important as public interest and expectation in the way Scotland’s land is managed grows … writes Bell Ingram’s Managing Partner Mark Mitchell.

The ever-increasing focus on living and operating in an environmentally responsible manner should be seen as an opportunity to showcase how we manage our land in an environmentally sound manner.

Bell Ingram sponsored the prestigious WES Awards reception held on the SL&E stand at the GWCT Scottish Game Fair. Pictured from left, David Johnstone (Chairman, Scottish Land & Estates), Mark Mitchell (Managing Partner, Bell Ingram), Colin Strang Steel (Threepwood Estate) and Dee Ward (Vice-Chair, Scottish Land & Estates).

We should not forget that future public support for agriculture and environmental schemes will in all likelihood be tied to Natural Capital, Environmental Enhancement and the ability to demonstrate the delivery of public goods.

Landowners and their managers want to play their part in supporting strategies such as carbon capture and flood mitigation and in doing so help the Scottish Government deliver on their policy targets.

The WES Awards initiative is a great opportunity to show what we know is already happening on estates across the country. 

And accreditation through a rigorous scheme approved by multiple public and charitable bodies gives confidence to Government and the public that landowners are committed to conservation and biodiversity. 

Looking to the future it is of the upmost importance for land managers like Bell Ingram that we implement best practice to ensure profitability in a sustainable manner.

But more importantly Landowners are custodians of the land who keep it in trust for those who come after and these awards demonstrate that we are in very good hands.

Published on 10th July 2019