AMC: Funds For Farmers

As the UK faces unprecedented economic and political uncertainty, many banks are adopting a more cautious approach to long-term lending; some are even withdrawing from the market altogether. AMC’s 90 years of experience supporting agricultural businesses can really make a difference.

 AMC remains firmly committed to meeting the needs of clients in the farming and agricultural sector. Whether looking to refinance, borrow additional funds or diversify, their long-term loans are available for terms of up to 30 years on either fixed or variable interest rates. Options includes interest only, repayment or a combination of both, so you can choose the best type of finance for your needs.

AMC specialist Sarah Tyson.

Many clients appreciate AMC’s ‘lend and leave’ approach. It means they can get on with running their business secure in their funding position, whatever the future holds. However, if circumstances change they know they can talk to Bell Ingram’s team of local, professional Land Agents when they want.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can work together to support your farming and agricultural needs, please get in touch with Bell Ingram’s AMC specialist Sarah Tyson for confidential advice on 07710 308614 or email

Published on 23rd April 2019