Experts Share Their Top Tips on Buying Scottish Woodland

Richard Till, Forestry Management expert at Bell Ingram, explains that buying your own section of Scottish woodland can be made much easier by having the correct professional guidance.

He said: “Buying your own Scottish woodland is clearly not as common a practice as someone buying a home, therefore it’s crucial that you have the right expert advice in your corner.

“Our team of Chartered Foresters provide management services and investment guidance for every type of woodland owner or potential buyer.

“These can be everyone from corporate clients to rural estate owners or individuals wishing to add forestry to their investment portfolio or pension fund. Our Forestry Managers provide a bespoke woodland management service that’s tailored to meet the client’s unique requirements.”

Bell Ingram provide a range of services including woodland budget management, valuations of woodland areas and digital mapping.

Richard continued: “We have a vast experience and knowledge of different issues regarding woodland ownership and are well placed to help guide buyers through the challenges of today’s forestry industry.

“We are able to take clients through the process of buying Scottish woodland step-by-step and ensure you get the most appropriate advice and are able to take advantage of every opportunity.”

To find out more about buying Scottish woodland or to view any areas currently for sale, visit

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Published on 9th January 2018