Sporting Rates – what next?

We are sure by now you will have received your assessment of sporting rates – over farm and forestry land and perhaps lunch huts, larders or rearing pen areas too.

You are now liable to pay these at the standard rate once local councils send out demands.

  • So should you be applying for small business rates relief? Almost certainly Yes!  Unless you have other non-domestic, rated properties (estate offices, hydro schemes, holiday cottages, let buildings, etc) which, when added to the sporting items take the total Rateable Value(RV) over £15,000 which will mean you are ineligible for relief.
  • And should you appeal the assessment? Quite possibly. These rates are currently based on a swift assessment – you should also check the calculations and information upon which the proposed RV is based, we are aware of some errors.  Note that the level of rates applied could change in future, as could the availability of any relief, so this is your only chance to ensure the starting point is fair – and you only have 6 months to submit an appeal from the date of the assessor’s notice so time is already running.
  • Remember – you are liable to pay until any application for relief is approved and put through the system, submission of the form for relief or an appeal does not exempt you.

The Bell Ingram team is acting for a large number of famers, landowners and sporting tenants and if you would like assistance with relief applications or appeals, please get in touch –

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Published on 19th October 2017