Land Registration etc. (Scotland) Act 2012

The Land Registration etc. (Scotland) Act 2012 came into force on 8 December 2014 introducing a new scheme for land registration in Scotland with strict mapping requirements and a much higher standard of deed plan production than ever before. This change has put an increased focus on the quality and accuracy of title plans and the importance of getting the information correct on the plan. This is further highlighted with the new ‘one-shot’ rule where the whole application for title registration will be rejected if any part is not up to standard.

Bell Ingram’s head of GIS and Mapping, Chris Duncan, in action on site

Bell Ingram’s dedicated GIS and Mapping staff have the expertise and experience to prepare highly accurate title plans. Our service has been developed to give the best value to our clients as we can undertake all aspects of the plan preparation in-house from site surveys to plan drafting and large format printing.

“The need for accurate mapping and measurement of all land- based activities is growing rapidly”

Accurate mapping forms the back-bone of all land-based businesses and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) have become the key tool for professional land managers. Although Bell Ingram has been using this technology to prepare plans for the past 15 years, the last three years have seen significant investment in advanced software and the utilisation of cloud-based services. This innovation ideally positions Bell Ingram to fulfil the obligations of the new title registration process.

The sophistication of Bell Ingram’s digital mapping service means that we are equally able to map properties from fractions of a hectare to thousands of hectares. In this regard, we have prepared detailed plans for individual plots for private sale as well as deed plans covering thousands of hectares for Highland estates. Bell Ingram staff are now using up-to-date GIS software for plan production in all sectors of the business.

Preparation of title plans is only one of a range of GIS and Mapping services offered by Bell Ingram. We have developed an in-house system for estate and forestry management, which is cloud-based allowing all staff using GIS to benefit. We have also developed bespoke systems for our clients to allow us to work directly and in real-time with them on major projects that require a high level of mapping resources regardless of their location. This has revolutionised our working practices, delivering dramatic improvements in efficiently and effectiveness.

Bell Ingram has recently invested in state-of-the-art Trimble® Global Positioning System (GPS) technology which operates at sub-metre accuracy and, twinned with our desktop GIS software, enables extremely accurate and efficient data capture. Undefined boundaries on titles are now easily captured using the GPS equipment eliminating ambiguity when preparing deed plans. In reverse, unmarked boundaries can be pegged out from the title plans with the assurance that new boundary features, such as fences, are in the correct legal location to avoid future conflicts between neighbours.

With the increased accuracy of IACS records and penalties being imposed for errors, the need for accurate mapping and measurement of all land-based activities is growing rapidly. Bell Ingram’s service is ideal for anyone who requires areas of land to be mapped, measured or marked out with a degree of confidence that can be robustly relied upon.

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Chris Duncan
Perth Office

Published on 28th June 2015