Skoda Success

 What do you call a Skoda with a new Showroom?


Bell Ingram has found itself having to get to grips with estates of a different kind after successfully completing its first refurbishment project with international car manufacturer, Skoda.

Bell Ingram Design was appointed by Dalgety Bay based contractors, Alltec Construction, as part of a design and build contract to assist with the £350,000 refurbishment of Skoda’s West End Garage in Edinburgh. The project formed part of Skoda’s 2018 Growth Strategy, aimed at increasing worldwide sales to at least 1.5million vehicles per year through a comprehensive rebrand.

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Since 2011, Skoda has sought to renew and expand its product range and the rebranding of its dealerships has constituted the final phase of this process. The brand identity embodied in its modernised vehicles is now being reflected in the appearance of Skoda’s dealerships, with a view to enhancing the experience of its customers.

The Bell Ingram Design team, led by Associate and architect, Bruce Stephens, spent six weeks on site at Cultins Road, Sighthill, supervising the implementation of the refurbishment project. The team worked seamlessly alongside Skoda’s specific requirements to design and equip the showroom with the correct fixtures, fittings, furniture, and materials within the project’s allotted timescale. The modular and flexible nature of the various Skoda design elements also meant that Bell Ingram’s architects were able to adapt them to suit the needs of the West End Garage.

“Bell Ingram’s collaborative approach to working in partnership alongside other contractors and clients was a key component in the success of this commission”

Bruce said: “It was great to be able to get on board with this project with Alltec Construction and Skoda. Bell Ingram Design has not previously worked on a project quite like this and so it was good to be able to try our hand at something different.

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Bell Ingram’s collaborative approach to working in partnership alongside other contractors and clients was a key component in the success of this commission. Bruce explains: “having worked alongside Alltec Construction on previous jobs, we have an established working relationship and so cooperated very well with one another on this project.

“Given that this is our first design and build contract for an international car manufacturer, we are extremely pleased with the outcome of the refurbishment and I truly believe that the garage portrays Skoda’s new corporate image very well.”

It would appear that Bruce’s clients at the West End Garage are also pleased with the results as they have just appointed Bell Ingram and Alltec to undertake the design and build of their second garage at Halbeath.


Bruce Stephens
Perth Office



Published on 27th March 2015