Farmers Encouraged To Diversify Into Deer

The drive for deer farming follows a recent announcement from the Scottish Venison Partnership that there is an unmet demand in the market. Surprisingly the UK is currently a net importer of venison despite Scotland’s prime deer farming environment.

To help counter this, the Scottish Government has funded a Deer Farm Demonstration Project to provide a source of information where those interested in moving into deer farming and venison production can learn more about the sector.

With over 110 years expertise in the agricultural and land management sector, Bell Ingram is well equipped to help farmers fund their move into deer farming to meet the growing domestic and international demand for venison.

Following the cull of Scotland’s wild red deer, increased numbers of deer farms are required in Scotland to take advantage of the buoyant market which is currently quoted as growing at more than 20 per cent per annum.

Understanding the financial issues farmers face when setting up deer farms, Bell Ingram are advising its clients on the range of short and long term loans currently offered by the Agricultural Mortgage Corporation (AMC).

Head of Land Management at Bell Ingram, Malcolm Taylor, said: “The buoyant venison market is providing farmers across the country with real opportunities to diversify and expand.

“With its ideal climate, suitable terrain and access to breeding stock and markets, Scotland is perfectly positioned to capitalise on the venison trade and we would like to encourage our clients to do so by helping them secure funding through the AMC.

“Backed by our extensive local agricultural knowledge and as AMC Agents we can provide the relevant valuations and commentary required in the application process to optimise our clients’ chances of successfully achieving the financial support they require.

“We look forward to helping the Scottish drive for increased deer farms and welcome the opportunities this can provide for farming communities.”

The impetus behind the drive for increased deer farms comes from greater awareness of venison as a healthy food and increasing interest from Scottish Government and its agencies for developing the markets.

To assist farmers to invest in the trade, AMC can provide short and long term mortgaged finance on amounts in excess of £25,001. Repayment or interest only lending is available or a combination of the two and Bell Ingram will strive to make the application process as simple as possible for its applicants.

As well as offering highly acclaimed land management services, Bell Ingram can also advise in forestry, valuations and estate agency, helping individuals and organisations maximise their assets. Moreover, its in house design service and micro generation advice complete the all round package the firm can offer clients.

Published on 18th April 2014